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By using Smiles by Design Dental Spa’s website, you agree to the privacy policy & conditions below.

“Our privacy policy and conditions state that whoever accesses our website accepts Smiles by Design Dental Spa’s terms and conditions. Smiles by Design Dental Spa means “the company,” “we,” and “us.”.”

Privacy Statement

The company adheres to the Data Protection Act of 1998 when it comes to protecting the data you, the visitor, supply. The described privacy policy outlines the data privacy practices we use. The privacy policy applies to only the collected information described below:

  • Contact information, such as email address, business or personal address, and phone number
  • Your full name and appointment time
  • Demographics, such as your location
  • Any additional information obtained from the contact form


Smiles by Design Dental Spa maintains sole ownership of the information we solicit, collect, and store from completed contact forms. We protect the information and its usage. Smiles by Design Dental Spa uses the information to schedule client consultations and appointments, complete requests for callbacks, and sign up subscribers for email newsletters. We will not exchange or sell your information to third parties or external parties other than the website (health practitioner) you submit your data to. “

Collected Information

Smiles by Design Dental Spa is the only owner of the rights to the solicited, collected, and stored data from submitted contact forms. Our company uses the information solely for its intended purpose(s). We do not sell or rent your information to external parties or vendors. When you complete and submit our contact form, you opt-in to the following:

  • Marketing communications
  • SMS messages, emails, phone calls, and posts
  • Newsletters, follow-up contacts, and re-targeting messages

Unless otherwise requested by you, we reserve the right to contact you regarding our company’s new products, amendments to our policies, and new services.


Our company’s website collects data related to the requested information on the contact form(s). When completing and submitting these forms, we request visitors supply their contact information (e.g., full name, phone number, email address, and the best time to contact them). We solicit and collect this data for the sole purpose of contacting visitors with information related to our company’s services and products. 


In line with the Data Protection Act of 1998, Smiles by Design Dental Spa regards information records as strictly confidential. We do not exchange or disclose this information to third parties. Website visitors reserve the right to request and obtain copies of the information we collect about them on the website. You also have the right to opt out of subsequent contact with our company’s services at any time. We provide the following opt-out or unsubscribe methods:

  • Email
  • Unsubscribe link or button found at the bottom of our emails
  • Written letter
  • Phone

Our company also allows visitors to request the following from us:

  • The type of information we have collected
  • Remove or delete data we have collected about you
  • Current personal information
  • Raise concerns about the information we have collected

Smiles by Design Dental Spa will not sell, exchange, or distribute your personal information to any third party for unsolicited mail. 


Under specific circumstances, our website(s) will have contact links to other websites. If you follow an external link that directs you to an external site, we are not responsible for the content you find on the external website. Our policies do not extend to external websites. We strongly encourage you to read each external site’s privacy policies.


Smiles by Design Dental Spa secures and protects the data collected on our website. Once the information is sent via the site(s) we manage, we store the information in secure databases with adherence to strong privacy protections.

Our company commits to protecting your data online and offline. If we collect and store sensitive data, such as financial information, we transfer the data using encryption methods. You can verify your sensitive data is encrypted by looking for “https” at the beginning of our site’s URL address.

If Smiles by Design Dental Spa requests financial information from our users, we protect your data offline by only allowing our employees to securely, responsibly, and ethically handle this information. Our employees are granted access to your financial data only for customer service or billing-related purposes. 

Privacy Policy Updates 

We updated this policy on 02/05/2024. We routinely update it to ensure we are meeting privacy policy and procedure standards.

Should you have questions regarding the information you submit through our online contact forms, please contact us at (803) 548-4899.

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